About ATRQ Global

ATRQ Global LLC is a consulting firm owned and operated by Kenneth S. Resnick.

Mr. Resnick has over 30 years of experience in international legal, regulatory, corporate governance, dispute resolution, anti-corruption and compliance issues. He has worked as a partner in a regional law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, served as a special prosecutor in criminal bank fraud matters, has supervised and participated in thousands of internal investigations into corporate and other wrongdoing, lead compliance teams in international businesses, and has served as the general counsel for General Electric Company’s Oil & Gas business headquartered in Europe. His professional career has taken him to over 60 different countries around the world and he has experience in working with companies on every continent.

Mr. Resnick has also taught international business ethics in the MBA program at the Williams School of Business at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. He has frequently lectured and given talks on compliance, ethics, anti-corruption, management of in-house legal departments, dispute resolution and other international legal issues.