Compliance, Governance, International Partnerships & “license to operate” issues

Services Provided: ATRQ Global will work with the client to:

  1. Create or revise compliance systems and models to prevent, detect and resolve compliance and ethics issues;

  2. Provide policy and standards development and drafting, training, communication and leadership engagement models;

  3. develop the appropriate response mechanisms for compliance concerns, and provide advice on investigation and follow-up procedures;

  4. Conduct tailored risk assessments based on industry segment and markets served; and,

  5. work with or on special board committees to oversee critical investigations and provide independent judgment on such matters.

Relevant Experience: Mr. Resnick has over 30 years of experience in managing compliance issues in large organizations, including leading hundreds of investigations, building compliance systems and organizational models (in the US and globally), developing policy and standards, creating communications and training modules, conducting compliance risk assessments and audits and working to create culture of integrity in business. Mr. Resnick has also academic experience in teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level courses on international business ethics. Mr. Resnick has 20 years of experience in building and negotiating international partnerships, managing localization and license to operate issues, (e.g., Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America), including high risk jurisdictions from a compliance perspective. He has experience in identifying reputable partners, conducting due diligence, working effectively with local communities and governments, and establishing a governance framework to manage joint ventures and other strategic alliances.