Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration services

Services Provided: ATRQ Global provides the following services in the dispute resolution area:

• Arbitrator in commercial, intellectual property or other significant disputes;

• Mediator or “Wise man” neutral to help guide parties or give them an early read on case assessment and valuation;

• Peer review or case evaluation to provide a party with an objective third party view on the strengths and weaknesses of a claim or defense, including possible alternative approaches or manner of preparation of the case.

Relevant Experience: Mr. Resnick has tried numerous cases personally, and has been involved in representing clients successfully in hundreds of mediations, arbitrations and other innovative forms of dispute resolution during his career. He has been an early adopter of alternative dispute resolution as a means of preserving commercial relationships and a promoter of early dispute resolution to advance the principled settlement of important claims promptly (rather than waiting until the eve of trial or arbitration when settlements are often most expensive).